• 07/21/2020
  • Maastrichter

Major events are not yet on the agenda, but there are plenty of beautiful places in Maastricht where cultural activities are taking place. The Helpoort, for example. The medieval city gate where gunpowder was also stored until the nineteenth century will become the backdrop for a special summer festival for the next five weeks: Borrel Noten.

Cultura Mosae is in collaboration with Giel Coenen, the programmer of Jekerjazz, to organize these performances. From July 22, you can enjoy small bands at the Helpoort every Wednesday to Sunday evening from 9pm to 10.30pm. The program not only includes jazz, but also pop and classical music. Arranging the permit at the time of the corona crisis required considerable perseverance from the organization. It is therefore the first concert in the city center since the crisis and acts as a try-out in that respect.

Here is the program for the concerts:

Source : RTV Maastricht