Another Kind of Blue HANDSON

In the latest performance HandsON by choreographer David Middendorp, dance and technology come together in a virtual world. Wearing VR glasses, he takes his audience into an enchanting experience. Middendorp wants to help the development of theater with the help of this technology. HandsON is suitable for theaters with a large or small audience, but also for a unique experience at home. Quarantined if necessary.

Hand movements of world leaders such as Trump, Merkel and Macron are the inspiration for this new performance. The dynamics of those hand movements are the starting point for the dancers. In the virtual world, the hands are almost like creatures in themselves. The dancers move along and let themselves be caged by the ten gigantic fingers. The movements express the subconscious of those leaders.
“When I watched those politicians on YouTube, I turned off the sound. Trump’s moves caught my eye. His gestures are grand and childlike uncoordinated. Merkel, on the other hand, moves polished, small, simple and conceived with her hands. Even Merkel’s fist has been held back. Macron has more of a Mediterranean way of moving. He talks a lot with his hands, is dynamic and more aware of his attitudes than Trump, but not as controlled as Merkel, ”said David Middendorp. “The virtual world that I create for HandsON is going to be beautiful, but it can also contain something dark. After all, controlling the people with the hands like a puppet has something uncomfortable. This technique allows me to create a new exciting world from an empty universe. As a choreographer I can wish for anything, anything can happen. ”

Source : Theater aan het Vrijthof Web Site


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2020-10-03 20:30 to


Maastricht, Netherlands, Vrijthof 47, Maastricht, Netherlands

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