Phase out fossil fuels

Fossil fuels have been one of the main targets of climate activists and rightfully so! With a contribution of roughly 80% of the total greenhouse gas emissions, they remain one of the most relevant causes of climate change and pollution.

Currently 65% of the world’s electricity is being produced by fossil fuel industries. Governments have repeatedly promised to phase out fossil fuels, but delays keep occurring and real change is yet to come. If governments are not being pushed to achieve a greener economy, it remains questionable whether they will prevent climate change. So, what can we do about this? How do we achieve real change? Is activism a reasonable method? Are some of the criticisms on renewable energy sources valid?

We will try to answer these and other questions during this webinar.

To help us, some professionals will join and provide their expertise.

Source : Maastricht for Climate Website


Date And Time

2021-04-20 19:30 to
2021-04-20 21:00

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