World Food Programme lecture

Food security in warfare and conflict areas gained renewed recognition since the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the World Food Programme (WFP). With almost 60 percent of the world’s 690 million hungry people living in areas affected by armed violence, conflict is the single greatest challenge to achieving zero hunger. WFP is a branch of the United Nations, and the largest humanitarian organization in the world.

Assistance provided by the World Food Programme is not just a life-saver for people trapped in conflict, living under siege, or on the run after being forced out of their homes – it can also be the first step towards peace, helping to ease tensions that could escalate into conflict.

Darko Petrovic is the founder of UNSA and a previous consultant on vulnerability analysis and food security in the WFP. He will provide a guest lecture about the WFP and the Nobel Peace Prize, the relevance and importance of food security as a step to peace and stability, and provide an insight to the workings of WFP and how they carry out operations in war-torn and potentially dangerous areas of conflict.

Source : UNSA Maastricht FB page


Date And Time

2021-04-15 19:00 to
2021-04-15 20:00

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